What is Neurodiversity? (Jo Pedro-Frye)

One of our clinicians, Jo Pedro-Frye, has extensive experience working with clients (and their families) who may identify “neurodivergent.” Here, she does an excellent job breaking down the basics of what neurodiversity means, and some of the common traits of those who identify as “neurodivergent.”

Therapy can often be a place where those who experience the world in “divergent” ways to make sense of themselves. Why do I procrastinate? Why do am I so impulsive sometimes? Why do I feel like a square peg in a round hole? With her years of training and specialized experience, Jo can help clients lead healthier lives — by working together with a trained professional, clients are more able to develop deep, meaningful relationships, and engage in the skills, strengths, supports, and resources to improve their wellness.

What are we talking about when we talk about “executive functioning?”

What are some of the common characteristics, diagnoses, of those who are on the spectrum of “neurodivergent?”

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