About Us

We're a group of Licensed Clinicians available for In-Person therapy in Portland, Oregon and online therapy in select licensed states.

Therapists you can trust

Who is "Progress Counseling?"

Progress Counseling started with a vision for "being with" in the most "human being" sense possible. When the "counseling thing" is working, an essential piece of counseling's effectiveness is the safety, the healing that is happening through connection with another human. That feeling of "I am, I feel seen," "Oh, there's another human in the room." The safety is the healing. This way of counseling flows from this: the clinicians on the Progress Counseling team started out in other places to learn, grow, develop. And almost every clinician has experience working among populations who didn't care, or were often hostile to techniques, theories, technical training and knowledge. The currency there was "humanity," intentionally giving attention, being with for the sake of being with, letting "my inmost self" or my nervous system tune into yours, even if it hurts.

Progress Counseling is a group of clinicians who believe that every client deserves the highest quality of care -- this means, every client has someone meeting them where they're at, walking alongside them, and truly hearing and seeing them.

All of our clinicians are Master's level or higher, and are either independently licensed or they are under supervision of a clinician who is independently licensed.  For our clinicians who are fully licensed, and in keeping with the values of Progress Counseling, we participate in continuing supervision, accountability, and support. One of our essential values of this counseling group is continuing professional development. This means we go beyond the minimum requirements of the licensing board for our training.

Our Approach to Counseling

Everyone's journey to wellness is unique, and we want you to feel safe, supported, honored and respected along the way. Our clinicians will come alongside you and provide a space for you to develop your skills, strengths, supports, resources in order to be more able to reach your goals.

All of our clinicians are private pay, meaning you have the security and privacy of working directly with your clinician to develop a treatment plan that works for you. This allows you to keep all diagnosis, assessments, and other health information private. If you prefer to engage with your insurance company, some of our clinicians may offer a super bill for reimbursement.

Our Approach To Recovery

To capture "our approach" means to try to put word to "an approach of approaches," or many approaches to fit many different people. "Recovery" here means returning or developing a new practice of health, different from the process of addiction that was in place before -- recovery means different things to different people. The same is true of addiction. We have clinicians with a wide range of lived experience, some with families marked by addiction, and other clinicians who have experienced it themselves. Because we are a group practice, we are able to provide services to not only the individual who is in recovery, but also the whole family and social system as well. Our team of clinicians is able to collaborate in a way that is individualized and specialized for every client (and their family's) needs, experience, goals.

For clients at the beginning stage of their healing process. This means touching on the foundational, essential human tasks and needs -- food, sleep, water. From there, it gets more complicated, but still so very human. The healing process can sometimes mean that families are involved, particularly for young clients and adolescents. For adults and young people alike, healing change can disrupt the whole system, in sometimes unexpected ways. Across all of our clinicians, our approach is based on a paraphrase of a technicians, operators: Slow is steady, steady is smooth, smooth is fast. To move too fast, particularly with trauma, addiction, any healing process, means that we make mistakes, we miss things, people get (more) hurt. We want to move slowly, patiently, smoothly so that the healing process, and all affected, are cared for, seen, understood along the way.

Virtual Counseling Services

Counseling should be accessible for everyone. Some people can't drive to an office without missing work, arranging childcare, or otherwise disrupting their schedule. Telehealth services enables people to engage with a counselor from the comfort of their living room, in their office at work, even from the quiet of their car. For some it's a logistical question, making it work in your schedule is easier without the extra commute. For others, it's an issue of comfort. Find the most comfortable seat in your house, and let's get to work!

We are able to offer all of our services online through telehealth in Oregon and Washington. This is a convenient option for busy individuals, couples and families.