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Licensed Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Families | Portland, Oregon

*Licensed therapist clinic based in Portland, Oregon and available for Virtual Counseling in OR, PA, MS, NM.

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Profesional, Licensed Therapists you can trust

Progress Counseling is a group of clinicians who believe that every client deserves the highest quality of care -- this means, every client has someone meeting them where they're at, walking alongside them, and truly hearing and seeing them.

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Our Approach

Healing joy

Helping You Face Life's Challenges

Everyone's journey to wellness is unique, and we want you to feel safe, supported, honored and respected along the way.

Our clinicians will come alongside you and provide a space for you to develop your skills, strengths, supports, resources in order to be more able to reach your goals.

How We Can Help

Individual Therapy

One on One sessions with therapist and patient. A safe and confidential space is provided so healing and change occur between therapist and patient.

Couples Therapy

Couples and marriage counseling can make you stronger as a team and more ready to handle other issues in the future. Virtual counseling available.

Family Therapy

Therapy in the context of extended family can improve  connection. Virtual counseling is available for groups across state lines!

Virtual Therapy

Convenient Online Therapy Now Available

Virtual Therapy presents a convenient option for individuals, families, and couples in select states.

Progress Counseling is equipped to meet with groups, couples and families across state lines. That means your long distance relationship can experience the benefits of therapy together, while being in different physical locations!

Telehealth available