Podcast: Avatar Review

What happens when two counselors watch Avatar together?

My friend Rhys, who is both a great friend and a very talented counselor, invited me to speak on his podcast about Avatar: The Way of Water. The movie is full of emotional content, family and community strife, and besides being a beautiful visual feast, the film shows beauty in its characters and storytelling. Rhys is trained and focused in IFS (i.e. parts work), while I am “parts work informed” and a very different style of therapist. I hope that you’ll find our complementary styles give you a sense of the movie, and how he and I both show up as counselors when we’re with our clients. In the podcast, we talk all about family systems, “parts work,” identify formation (and rejection, splitting and so on), and all of the other fun things that counselors notice when they’re watching movies.

Stay tuned for the next time I guest-star on Rhys’ podcast when we watch “Words on Bathroom Walls.”

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