Spiritual Trauma

One of my main interests in therapy is helping clients to reckon with the identity shattering trauma of religious wounding and spiritual abuse. So many people traverse life with open sores even decades after exiting a Christian community. I came across a poem originating in my own healing journey from my journal this morning: The … Read more


If you’re considering seeking help in any area of your life, it probably has something to do with your emotions. Some clients have trouble understanding them, others have trouble expressing them; some are overwhelmed with them while others are burdened by the absence of them. What are emotions and why do we have them? One … Read more

On Choosing a Therapist pt. 2

Here’s a helpful glossary of acronyms and abbreviations you might find on your therapist’s bio.  With that, it may also be helpful to highlight a brief definition of theoretical approaches. Though many counselors operate from a single theory, most are able to use interventions and techniques from various approaches. But, as I mentioned in a … Read more

On Choosing a Therapist

Some of the most confusing parts of choosing a therapist is decoding the jumble of letters after their name and assessing the significance of their chosen approaches. How do you know if you need an LMHC, Psy D, LCSW or an LPC? And whether it matters if they’re CDAC, SA or EMDR certified? Or whether … Read more

How Does Therapy Work? Pt. 2

Aaron has already provided an excellent summary of why therapy works, but it’s interesting to ponder exactly what makes the clinical setting of a trained therapist and an anonymous client so special. Don’t empathetic friends, wise parents or experienced clergy provide the same sort of services for free? Why insist that the therapist and client … Read more

Spiritual Abuse

Portland is considered one of the most post-Christian cities in the United States, which is one of the reasons it has been such a draw for younger people seeking to escape religious environments they’ve perceived as oppressive and toxic. But this exodus has been a national trend, as well – even before the pandemic devastated … Read more