Clinician - Marriage & Family Associate

Kim Stout 

Kim Stout is an Oregon and California licensed therapist specializing in:

  • Mothers and pregnancy related issues
  • Teens and adult mental health counseling
  • Career counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy

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Phone: 949-566-1250

Kimberly Alford graduated from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She graduated from Touro University where she earned a Clinical Masters degree in Marriage, Family, Therapy. Kimberly has ten years of experience in the family court system with an emphasis in financial, verbal, and emotional  abuse. Kimberly helps women through the court process, finding a new career,  re-inventing themselves and working through trauma.

Kimberly has an extensive amount of experience with moms and families as she has worked inside family’s homes as Postpartum Doula for nine years. As a therapist, Kim has developed and built on her work as a Doula in her work with moms, including those Postpartum depression. Early parenting, particularly for new moms is difficult, and Kim is passionate about helping them through their anxiety, depression and the overwhelming feelings of being a first-time mom. Kimberly helps moms tackle the day to day stuff and validates the changes in lifestyle that occur with having a baby that can cycle feelings and thinking of of being stuck.

In addition to working with mothers, Kim has specialized training in family therapy. This training, and her particular experience means Kim brings a gentle approach to those working with diverse cultural, religious experiences. Kim loves helping parents more effectively connect with their teen, working with aging parents, and preparing empty nesters for the next stage of life. More broadly, Kim's specialized experience in family therapy means that complicated family systems get the healing attention and space they need with a passionate, knowledgeable clinician -- whether that means a family is trying work through the issues that come with divorce, ageing parents, blended families, rupture / repair with teenagers, step-parenting, and more.

Telehealth services available:

  • Relationship therapy (families, couples, teens, adult therapy)
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Overwhelmed anxious and depressed moms
  • Religious Trauma